Custom Glassblowing of Louisville, Inc.

Suppling your glassware needs since 1961.


We will work with you on supplying you with high quality glassware at competitive prices. We specialize in custom glassware. We will work with you in the design and testing of your specialized or custom glassware. If you have a design in mind, we know what is feasible in the construction of a glass piece and will help you create anything you can think of.

We can manufacture any standardized glassware as well as custom items you need. All in a small business at prices that are usually at or less than the larger resellers of standardized glassware.

If you want to save money on your lab glassware, we offer a wide variety of used glassware. Many of the pieces are in good to excellent condition, so if a scratch or two does not matter, you can save 40% to 60% off the cost of an new item. Laboratories with tight budgets and the home chemist love these items because the lower cost. You can purchase more glassware for less money!

Some the items we have are:

bullet Flasks
bullet Condensers
bullet Extraction apparatus
bullet Kuderna-Danish glassware
bullet Distillation apparatus
bullet Chromatography columns
bullet Burettes
bullet Pipettes
bullet Separatory funnels
bullet Plugs and stoppers

Call or fax us with a list of items that you need and you will be surprised with the money you will save.